Students of grade 6 visited the most needing families  accompanied by Father Toufic Howayek to provide a modest help to everyday life. And students of the school-gathered_ packed some  food supplies in boxes that they gave before christmas to needy families. And it was Christmas Double delight this year for our students, the joy of the birth of Christ and the presence of Santa Clause delight

Christmas is not a day or a season, it is a state of mind.
What matters at Christmas, this is not to decorate the tree but it is to be all together.
Christmas is here. This merry Christmas, full of arms gifts.
That warms our hearts and brings joy.
Day of the fondest memories.
Best day of the year.
Of all the nights that December 25 is the most beautiful.
It sparkles to tell men and women of the earth need to love

and love again before it is too


christmas 4

helping families

christmas 5

helping families










christmas 3

Santa Clause

christmas 2

Santa Clause

christmas 1

Grade 11