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that for Born 2B Gangsta? Similarly, good salespeople tailor their messages to individual personalities. Consider these traits: Formal vs. informal Logical vs. emotional How might you vary your approach if you were selling to the characters of the classic TV show MASH? Hawkeye: logical and informal Winchester: logical and formal Radar: emotional and formal Klinger: emotional and informal Hollywood tells stories. They’re the oldest form of human communication. When prehistoric cave dwellers sat around the fire, they didn’t talk about pie charts and statistics. They told stories. Stories are persuasive without sounding like sales pitches. Stories touch our emotions and will be remembered more than rambling proof points. Open with a time, place, and setting. "Last summer, in the middle of the August heat, one of my ice cream manufacturers." Include obstacles, just like in the movies. "When the power failed, the backup generator didn’t kick in." Show how your product solved the problem. "Within