Practical Applications

- Way of dealing with students, must be characterized by this deal:
A student’s personal ¬ respectfully regardless of all other considerations, and this imposes a principle,
Stay away from beating, فالضرب kind of personal contempt for the boy as he leaves in the same fingerprints not تمحوها the years:
- Stay away from verbal violence such as threats and intimidation verbal violence harms the student’s psychological and humiliate in front of his comrades is unacceptable, like physical violence
- To get away from abusive words or Almhakrh if a student is said to be a donkey or is it?? NOT KEEP Shi growth?? These words pupil permanently away from the professor is contrary to the principle of encouragement that our club
- Listen to the opinion of the student initiative to silence him on the pretext that he did not know or that sub-standard and the introduction of opinion only if he was right
B ¬ democracy: an application of this principle, governing the administration elections delegates rows and have those delegates the right of the progress of the administration and professors some demands and take these seriously and are fulfilled in the case were reasonable, and are referenced to the whole class if it is found that the delegate does not duty or exaggerate in demands or subject to personal considerations.
C ¬ justice: Professor keen to treat all students equally do not prefer them on others for personal or partisan considerations, political or religious ¬.
D ¬ strict application of the law on which the professor has agreed with the students to apply the first academic year which contributes to the application of the system in the school year:
- Way of dealing with parents and their regular contact:
This deal is a picture of dealing with students and features if democracy and respect and fumbling their problems, unless abused them to school with a copy of the images if the Atahjmoa a professor or professors and the administration.
As for the financial problems, so he gives the solution of the financial manager who returns to the director of the school to decide what needs to be done on the children of families who do not pay or intentionally fail to pay.
The pressure on students is unfortunately the only way left to manage and use this pressure without being subjected to the dignity of the boys and their pride on their own in front of their comrades.
The parental contact are periodically by a program determined Forums departments so that the parents to know their child continuously develop academic and behavioral.