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BMW Indicator Lights Key Symbols to KnowI apologize for the format of the picture at right; if you click the magnifying glass at the bottom right of your browser and select 200%, it will make the symbols much clearer. In general: A RED indicator light means you should contact the dealership right away. A YELLOW light generally is not urgent but means you should investigate the meaning of the symbol. 1. Tire Pressure or "TPM" symbol. This indicator causes much frustration for many of our customers because it can be turned on by the slightest variation in pressure. If the light is yellow,yeezy 350 oxford tan for sale, 99% of the time it can be resolved by adding a pound or two of pressure and resetting the TPM light. If the light is on and one tire seems to be lower than the others,cheap yeezy boost 350, it is wise to do a visual check of the tire to look for physical damage,Fake oakley sunglasses online, such as nails or other road hazards. If you conclude that there is no damage,750 boost free shipping, then continue with filling your tire and resetting the light. But if this symbol appears in red,NHL jerseys wholesale online, I strongly