Grade 9

Grade 9 A

Grade 9 A

Abboud Anthony – Abboud Céline – Abi-Akar Antoine – Abi-Issa Johan – Abou-Eid Christian – Amhaz Jad – Aneed Julien – Assi Marc – B’ainy Valéria – Chehadé Jeffrey – Damoury Stéphany – Dariane Mansour – Fahim Léa – Haïdar Raghid – Hanache Elia – Hayek Joey – Imad Elie – Indary Antoine – Khelly Melissa – Merhej Charbel – Nawfal Charbel – Ramia Maya – Saad Darine – Saadé Tatiana – Sacre Sam – Tayeh Ghiwa – Yaghi Aali-Rida – Yazbek Charbel – Youssef Juliana – Zghendy Angela – Zghendy Barbara.

Grade 9 B

Grade 9 B

Abboud Hares – Attallah Elite – Boulos Roméo – Choucaïr Jana – Daoud Marissa – Daoud Vanessa – Fakhry Charbel – Ghaddaf Ghida – Ghobry Sarah – Ghobry Simon – Haïdar Georges – Hajj-Boutros Roberto – Herdan Joe – Herdan Samer – Howayek Jad – Ibrahim Jean-Jacques – Karam Anthony – Khoury Charbel – Khoury Jean-Paul – Khoury Josiane – Khoury Tara – Lahoud Anthony – Mahfouz Julien – Merhi Jessy – Mourad Stéphano – Moussa Elias – Mozaya Marianne – Rechwan Rami – Saliba Oliver – Sfeir Joseph – Zoghbi Julien.

Top 7 Requisites for Scrum Teams

An ideal team includes seven members, plus or minus two. According to study, small teams work together best. Once a team grows to more than nine or shrinks to smaller than five, its ability to perform well wholesale jerseys as a team is greatly diminished.

Teams are comprised of cross functional members, including software engineers, architects, programmers, analysts, QA experts, testers, UI designers, etc. By creating a team composed of individuals with backgrounds in a diverse range of disciplines, a spectrum cheap jerseys of opinions, ideas, and experiences are represented in the group. Not only does this mean that all development activities can be performed by the group, it also means that multiple perspectives will inform difficult decisions.

Team members should be located in the same room, called the team room. While a single location for the team won’t ensure success with Scrum, it helps a lot. When a team is able to work within the same, wholesale jerseys china small vicinity, Scrum’s emphasis on communication and collaboration can be maximized.

If teams aren’t wholesale jerseys located in a team room, they’ll need a Scrum tooling solution. When a team is dispersed geographically, however, a Scrum tooling solution is usually required to keep a team connected. In especially fast paced development wholesale nfl jerseys environments, a tooling solution may be necessary for collocated teams, as well.

Teams negotiate work with the Product Owner. While the development team must complete the work negotiated in the sprint wholesale jerseys planning meeting, it has some say in the amount of work it takes on. The Product Owner will expect the team to take on as many story points of work as possible, within reason. (The team would reference its established velocity for previous sprints to negotiate how many story points would be reasonable.) The value of this process of negotiation is twofold. It protects the development team from becoming swamped with an unrealistic workload. It also manages the expectations of the Product Owner, who, in turn, can do the same for customers.

Teams self organize. Once a team has committed to its work for the sprint, it may determine how to complete those goals autonomously. That is, provided the team’s work is satisfactorily completed by the sprint’s end, it can choose how and in what order that work is completed. This allows natural leadership to emerge from within the team and empowers teams with the freedom to confront impediments with creativity cheap jerseys and innovation.

Teams’ work should meet ALL acceptance criteria. Most Scrum teams wholesale jerseys china do not award partial credit. Even if 99 percent of a wholesale jerseys china project is “done,” it will be rejected in the sprint review meeting if it fails to meet all the established acceptance criteria. Teams often discover the hard way that a project’s finishing touches wholesale jerseys are often the most time consuming and labor intensive.

Laszlo Szalvay, President, Danube Technologies, Inc. Founded in 2000 by Laszlo Szalvay and his brother Victor, Danube provides software and training exclusively focused on the Scrum method of agile software development. The company’s ScrumWorks Pro and ScrumWorks Basic products are licensed to more than 115,000 software professionals worldwide, making it the most widely used software in the industry for managing Scrum projects. Danube complements its software offering with a comprehensive schedule of ScrumCORE training courses, which are taught globally by Danube’s five Certified Scrum Trainers. In all, Danube offers a comprehensive Scrum solution. So when you’re ready to succeed with Scrum, call Danube.Articles Connexes:

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