Engineering Unlimited Energy Resources and Value

Put enormous magnifying glasses on the outsides of Egyptian-like pyramid structures focused towards the center of a geodeisic dome. Change ocean water into into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.

Envision taking the biggest pyramid candy crush saga hack tool in Egypt and turning it upside down. Get enough of those pyramids to create an enormous sphere, with the bottoms of the pyramids line cookie run hack on the outside of the sphere, and all the tips focused towards the center.

Put half of the sphere underwater at sea covet fashion cheats level, and the top above sea level would look like a giant dome.

Put mirrors on the bottom side which madden mobile hacks is underwater, so the Sun will reflect back to the thermal collector at the center, significantly increasing deer hunter 2014 hack the amount of heat focused, magnified, and collected.

The Sun will focus, from sunrise to sunset, through the magnifying glasses on the dome, and will reflect off the mirrors on the underside dome. candy crush saga hack These two powerful mechanisms would focus a tremendous amount of heat energy on the thermal collector at the center. This heat would be a lot hotter than magma from a volcano. If it was not, according to simulated computer models, then increase the size of the sphere could be increased.

Use the heat from the thermal collector to madden mobile hack change the Ocean water into pure water candy blitz brigade crush saga cheat and some other byproducts, using two available processes. The division of water moviestarplanet hack into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas can be accomplished using the process of hydrolysis. The electrical power battle camp hack necessary to run the process of hydrolysis can be created using the process of photovoltaics, using the heat from the sun to create electricity. There would be plenty of heat to vaporize the pure water into shadow fight 2 cheat hydrogen and oxygen gases, to make products from different kinds of left over residue, and to recycle any waste.

Using formulas and methods in Physics and Chemistry, there would be ‘no end’ to what we could produce, and some Chemists and/or Physicists can show somebody who does not believe this is true, how to prove it for oneself.

If we needed to, we could simply use the thermal energy to pump ocean water through big pipes on the Ocean floor, to a dome on nearby land, where the ocean water could be separated into different products, especially for safety reasons.

It sure would help out with the problem of providing fuel for the World, and big fish casino cheats produce some valuable products to sell, if this kind of light magnification resource was engineered.

Horace W. Crosby, Jr., M.Ed.

My name is Horace W. Crosby, Jr., wwe immortals M.Ed.

This article is written “outside of the box”, compared to many current micro-economic theories.

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