If The EU Breaks Up – Does That Mean WW III Comes Much Sooner?

Indeed, I certainly hope history will not repeat itself in our modern age. However, I do recall wwe immortals hack when the League of Nations broke up, and wwe immortals hack tool the Treaty of Versailles didn’t exactly work out for the Europeans, World War II was just over the horizon. The euro zone and European 8 ball pool hack Union seemed to be a good idea, keeping everyone happy, trading together, and covet fashion acting as one big nation. Still, we must candy crush saga cheat realize that each nation is run differently, with a slightly different culture, and obviously different expectations from the populous.

A strict centralized government, or severe restrictions from the ECB – European wwe immortals cheats Central Bank will cause animosity amongst the voters shadow fight 2 cheats in all the various nations. If you’ll recall the moviestarplanet hack United States had a civil war over differences of opinion, as the federal government laid down the law. As the grievances grew, and as the states divided, political impasse occurred. Today, we see far too much turbulence in the Middle East with the Arab Spring – we’ve also seen riots, and massive 8 ball pool cheat tool demonstrations and protests moviestarplanet in Europe, in Greece for instance.

There is quite a bit of turmoil, and some rather harsh realities for the citizens of Europe due to candy crush saga hack all the austerity programs. Many people felt as if they got the shaft, as they will not be receiving the benefits they were once promised by their governments. They’d like to blame someone else, several European governments have had a huge turnover of their legislators, leaders, and politicians over these issues. People are not very happy.

Now then, I ask; if the EU breaks up and the euro zone collapses, along with the currency; will line cookie run hack history repeat itself? The reason I ask this is; I see various nations lining up on various sides of the monster legends hack political spectrum over these economic issues. I also see how Russia is taking sides in Middle Eastern affairs along with China. I madden mobile hack see terrorist groups which are sponsored by rogue nations, which also seem to want to build nuclear weapons. Many nations have war pacts, and strategic alliances which cannot be broken easily without repercussions. Meanwhile, all the economies are linked together.

As the sides line up, often blaming those who think differently, or those on the other side of the political spectrum, or border, in many regards we are watching a dangerous potential unfold. It wouldn’t take much more than a spark to set it off. Perhaps the humans of the world, and the powers that be will consider that this dangerous path just doesn’t make sense. If there is a World War III, there won’t really be any straightaway winners. In other words everyone will lose, and the human race will be doomed to repeat. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.