Intentional Community Living

Imagine for a moment, feeling free. Waking up in the morning to a different world than hungry shark evolution hack the one that mainstream influences have spoon fed you for so long. Imagine living in a self directed intentional community with like-minded people who want a different life. Imagine working in cooperation, in a sustainable way, while equitably sharing skills and resources alike. This ideology forms the basis of an intentional community -type of existence.

Intentional communities come in a variety of types. There are off-grid eco-villages, residential land trusts, spiritually based communities, co-ops and co-housing, and also commune type models.

Intentional communities are found around the globe and number in the thousands. Many are established communities while others are still in their formative stages. No matter the stage, it is the social movement itself that roblox robux tool is notable. People are forming together wanting to say goodbye to the enslavement of paying bills, mortgages, stressful work conditions, restrictive laws etc. They wish more than ever, to live more in harmony with nature or in a more cooperative fashion with their fellow man.

With today’s busy urban lifestyles, many people are beginning to question “there must be a better way?” After long commutes, disconnected families ties, and exhaustion from spinning on that proverbial rat wheel, many people are starting to look for alternative solutions. They are realizing that the rat wheel life may provide for the acquisition of material luxuries, but at the end of the day, they are still left feeling empty, and out of control.

Ingrained in most people’s minds is the image of the 60’s hippy castle clash cheat communes where free love and gardens of both the legal (and illegal type) flourished. Commune communities which are based on 100% income sharing are still alive and well today, but many are very sophisticated community structures. Eco-villages (and off-grid type communities) are those that have a strong ecological basis and typically utilize eco friendly sustainable technologies. Co-ops which sometimes attracts student or lower income earner populations, involves cost and space sharing making this a palatable choice for some. While similarly, co-housing consists of separate accommodations with some shared common areas to congregate as a community. Religious based communities (most notably Christian and Jewish) also seem to be erecting worldwide allowing residents to live in unison with others of the same faith, while religious doctrine acts as a governing force in their everyday lives.

Although governance of intentional communities clash royale online cheats varies, most are democratic in their processes. Selection processes also vary among intentional communities. While religious based communities would only allow entry to those of the same faith to join, other communities may hold interviews for prospective residents, and may even have probation periods set up similar to when you start a new job and are required to prove yourself in order to stay on.

Those seeking an alternative community, typically are in search of others who share their spiritual/religious, political or social point of view. Many find a certain acceptance, and mutual understanding from such an arrangement. While intentional communities are not for everyone, it certainly is a viable option for those seeking an alternative lifestyle that cannot be roblox robux cheat attained in current societal functioning’s. The best thing about intentional communities is they are all different. They are not cookie cutter formations. So if you are searching for a community to join there are plenty of directories online to choose from to assist in your search. If you cannot find one to suit your personal tastes you can always create one in your own area and find others who share your vision. Eventually, if everyone began to seek out alternative ways of living, we may find that humanity will be more in line with their natural instinctual way of living. That being a sovereign, free, cooperative, team approach, where one feels a connection to Mother Earth.