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Winning Customers Over the Phone

Make sure that this cheap nba jerseys experience is the best you and your employees have to offer so that first time callers become repeat wholesale nfl jerseys customers.

Smile when you answer the phone. Even if your hair is on fire wholesale nfl jerseys from china or the last caller chewed you out, pause for a moment to put a smile on your face and in your voice. Believe it or not, people can hear you smiling through the phone.

Answer the phone on the first ring, certainly no later than the third ring. If people have to wait through rings four and five, they begin to think that you have closed for the day, gone out of business or just don care. We live in a world that expects instant gratification. Be sure you meet your customers expectations.

Ask permission before you put someone on hold. You may have multiple lines ringing and a line of people standing at your desk, but wait to hear the caller response. It is that person choice to hold or not. Try not to turn this move into a power play. When you come back on the line, thank the person for holding. If you have to ask the caller to wholesale nba jerseys continue to hold, offer to take a wholesale jerseys china number and return the call.

Transferring calls should be done with care. Before you connect the caller to someone else extension, make sure that person is in and able to help. There cheap nfl jerseys is nothing more frustrating than being transferred over and over again and having to retell the same story to a multitude of different people before finding the right one.

Before you send the call to co worker, give the caller that person name and number in case there is a disconnect. Better yet, tell the caller who you are and how to reach you if there is a problem. You will have an extremely satisfied customer.

Always make an offer of help. It may not be your department, your issue or your job, but if it is the customer problem, you need to show concern. Never tell the caller ” don know or “I can help you.” The best response to a problem is a cheap authentic jerseys genuine “Let me see what I can do or who I can find wholesale jerseys shop to cheap jerseys help you.”

You will win customers and influence people every time when you use cheap nba jerseys china good phone skills. She has been quoted or featured in The New York Times, Investors Business Daily, Entrepreneur, Inc., Real Simple and Woman Day.Articles Connexes:

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