The Attacks on Obama Are Silly

Obama is now the favorite punching bag of a lunatic fringe who sometimes refer to him as a Marxist or a communist in disguise and worse a wwe immortals cheats friend of the Moslems (as he is one of them). line rangers hack Reminds me of the time when white supremacy was the watch word in the USA and organizations like KKK ran amuck, capturing and killing blacks. This facet of American history cannot be denied.

Times have however changed covet fashion hack tool and the Black man has asserted himself, but that does not mean that he is any less boom beach hack a patriot or an American candy crush saga than the white man. A look at the history of the US army and its fights in Vietnam and other wars will show that as shadow fight 2 cheat a percentage in relation to their population, more blacks fought for the US flag than the white man. But habits die line cookie run hack hard and there is a lunatic fringe that just cannot accept Obama as a president of the USA. Weird statements and ‘revelations’ about his birth certificate, the fact that he moviestarplanet hack is a communist are thrown about as if they are a gospel truth. Some snide remarks are made about the Presidents wife and that Obama is from a line cookie run hack apk ‘ghetto’. One could die laughing on a bed of nails at blitz brigade cheat these shadow fight 2 cheat silly comments.

What is dead trigger 2 hack the fact really? How do we pin the ills of the past US Presidents (all white Men) who fought unprovoked wars all over the world and depleted the US economy with the result that it is in 8 ball pool hack online deficit of trillions of dollars. These costly wars served no purpose and in case in all of them the US never achieved geometry dash hack its objectives. Take any war whether it is Iraq, Iran or Vietnam, the US has swallowed the bitter pill. If the economy is now going bust, how do you pin it on Obama?

Obama has inherited a legacy of wars and near bankruptcy of the economy and I feel he is doing a good job about it. Even his policy of calling a spade a spade in regard to Israel and Pakistan is commendable. The unfortunate part is that Obama’s middle name is Moslem and that is his drawback and fans the flames of a diehard minority in the USA. I want wwe immortals hack tool to know who the Americans want to replace Obama with. Another George Bush? Who will ensure that the US goes around with a begging bowl by unleashing some more wars?